The Atlanta Center Staff Meting June 5, 2016 - 21:00 EDT

Staff Members Present: Jon Ellis (CC), David Therriault (DT), Nick Watkins (NW), Zach Yarid* (ZY), Luc Gaupin* (LG)

*Partial Attendance

Support-Staff Members Present: Matt Bromback (MB)

Staff Members Absent: Gary Morris (GM)


Administration Policy

Training Policy

TeamSpeak Policy



  • Meeting Opens (CC)
  • CC Covers ZY delegating Info Systems Department representation to NW
  • CC covers Agenda
  • 7230.10 (Administration Policy) Revisions in progress.
    • Training related items in 7230 have been moved to new Training Policy 7232.1 A (DRAFT)
      • 7232.1A Submitted to VATUSA for approval on June 5th, 2016
    • 7230.10 slated for approval submission to VATUSA within the month of June
    Training Department:
  • Discussion on influx of visitors and the excellent job of the training department
  • Congratulations to Che Jackson on his promotion to I1.
  • Work ongoing with Moodle, cleaning up courses, and completing ATL ATCT, S3, & C1 Courses

Facilities Department:

  • Work ongoing with regards to new versions of vRC, vSTARS, vERAM, Vat-SPY, & vATIS
    • New versions will incorporate the brand change and additional features &/or update
    • 3 New Procedures for CLT to be included in next vSTARS update

Events Department:

  • Event Department updates, no Events as of late since "Grand Opening on 4/1"
    • Good Break was needed. With the large amount of VA events & Neighboring ARTCC events, our "event' nights have been pretty frequent.
    • Upcoming Atlanta Center Events Discussed
      • FSE #1 Event (ATL) - June 12th
      • CLT Intersect (July)
      • Smoky Mountain Run (August)
      • Atlanta Live (September 16th)
      • A80 Immersion (October)
      • Last Minute Cargo (MEM/SDF/CVG) (December)
      • Discussed additional potential dates for Events
  • New Event Calendar System coming - Event Calendar 2.0
    • Signup system within Calendar
    • Event Banner within the Event Description (Rich Text Calendar)
    • Event Attendance, discussed improving controller sign up and attendance
      • Shout out to Michael Thomas on his dedication to our & neighboring events. Great Job Mike!
    Facilities Department:
  • Euroscope is coming to The Atlanta Center (for Tower View w/ FSX or P3D only)
    • NOT SUPPORTED, UNOFFICIAL RELEASE. It will be made available as a reference only.
    • Official Disclaimer - The Atlanta Center &/or any associated members will NOT be supporting or answering any questions regarding the use of the EuroScope software client. This software and the associated files are provided for reference only. For Tower View Use ONLY. This is not an approved Atlanta Center Software.
  • Revised & Updated LOA's coming from Facilities. LOA updates will include ZDC, ZJAX, ZID, ZHU, ZME

Information Systems:

  • Forum System - "Overwhelming rejection of Forums"
    • Discussion of using Vanilla forums ("typical" forums)
    • Discussion of redacting Forums
      • News & Zoho Chat combined with new functionality to replace:
        • NOTAMS
        • Event Calendar
        • Timeline/Stream
        • More Frequent Use of Polls
  • Discussed updates and "optimization" of the website
    • To create Poll on left sidebar expanded or closed on opening Dashboard

General ARTCC Discussion

  • Discussed VA Partnerships & VATSTAR Partnership
  • Discussed Inter-ARTCC potential partnerships
  • Expedited Training Discussion
  • 7230.10 Revisions & Activity Requirements Discussion
    • Activity Requirements will be increasing, however the amount of the increase will be part of a discussion with VATUSA.
    • TeamSpeak Policy to remain a separate policy from 7230.10
      • TeamSpeak policy to be updated.
        • The above TS policy change will also apply to the 7230.10 E Revision, to be submitted to VATUSA.
  • (CC) Our Training Team & our Staff, Closing.

Staff Meeting June 5, 2016.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the meeting minutes or otherwise, please feel free to email the entire Atlanta Center Staff at staff(at)