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Atlanta Center is Recruiting!

2016-07-22 08:27:00 by 1259602

Atlanta Center is currently recruiting for the position of Facility Engineer.

Job Description:

-Reports to the Deputy Air Traffic Manager.

-Advisor to the Deputy Air Traffic Manager and Air Traffic Manager on technical flight simulation data.

-Maintains and updates sector files, SOP’s and LOA’s upon direction/approval of the Deputy Air Traffic Manager and/or Air Traffic Manager.

-Works with VATUSA and other ARTCC’s to approve LOA’s and SOP’s on behalf of the Air Traffic Manager once the LOA/SOP has been approved by the Executive Staff team.

Minimum Qualifications:

-Must hold an S3 Rating or Higher.

-Candidate must be in good standing within the ARTCC, and VATSIM/VATUSA.

-Ability to lead and work independently

-Ability to create and/or modify VRC sector files, vSTARS and vERAMS files, and vATIS files

-Must have knowledge of obtaining resource materials to produce Sector, POF and Alias files.

-Energy and commitment to the facility and position.

Desired Qualifications:

-Ability to create Tower Trainer/ACSIM files for training purposes

-Creating Euroscope files for training purposes

-Experience as an ARTCC Staff Member

Interested applicants are invited to submit their resume, along with a letter of intent via email to execstaff(at)

Applications close on August 5th 2016

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