Information Systems

Change Log



August 11th, 2017

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a Bug causing the Member Chat Portlet to display incorrectly on the Controller Dashboard

Fixed a Bug causing the Upcoming Event Portlet to display incorrectly on the Controller Dashboard

New Features:

All in 1 Event System

"Event Listing Pages" automatically created & deleted w/ event creation & event lapse, respectively. RELEASED & LIVE!

Event Signup System for Controllers. RELEASED


Instructor Application & ARTCC Experience Team Applications Closed

"Main Site" Links removed from the Controller Dashboard

Links section of the Controller Dashboard updated (FSElite, FSEconomy, FlightSimCentral(Removed))

Updated the Feedback, Next Atlanta Center Event, & Quote Wall on the Controller Dashboard w/ the ATL CTR Logo

Ask the Training Department Link removed from Controller Dashboard. Temporary Change as Ask The Training Page is reworked.



Bug Fixes:

Fixed a Bug causing the Instructor Dashboard & the TA Dashboard links to show for the Training Administrator.

Fixed a Bug causing the site not to display due to a disk space issue.

Fixed a bug causing the site not to allow PMs to be sent.

Fixed a bug causing the site not to allow the sending of emails.


Added a "Email the Mentors" Link under Member Support on the Controller Dashboard. New Feature

Added a Column to the Member Directory with the member's Email Address, if applicable, for those with an Atlanta Center Email. New Feature

Added a button to the user profile, if the member has an Atlanta Center Email, for Email Member. New Feature

Moved the Member Directory on the Controller Dashboard to its own dedicated entry. Update

Renamed the Member Services section to My Account. Update

Added a New Feature which allows the access of My Account & Logout features, via the dropdown on the top bar.(Only available on Larger Screen Devices) New Feature

3.1.5-01 (Hotfix 01)


Bug Fixes:

Fixed a Bug causing the Events link on the Home Page not to animate

Fixed Bug causing the small mobile buttons not to display on certain devices.

Fixed a Bug causing the background to display incorrectly for some vistors.


Updated the Homepage with a video background (Crazy Ones / 1984) New Feature REMOVED BY DIRECTIVE FROM VATUSA STAFF

Format Change for Release Notes. Updated


Bug Fixes:

Fixed a Bug causing the Avatar button on the User Profile to display incorrectly.


Moved Atlanta Center to Dedicated Hosting box provided by Reliaset. New Feature, Thanks Reliaset!

Updated the Controller Roster links on the Main Website. When opening a user's statistics, you'll be redirected to the member profile. - New Feature

Introducing the Atlanta center Member Directory. Previously only available to Atlanta Center Members; Now available to the Public! - New Feature


Bug Fixes:

Fixed a Bug causing the Top 365 Days Controllers to display 6, instead of 5.

Fixed a Bug causing the Text for Next Event to Right Align.


Updated the Next Event title to be bold - Updated

Updated the Homepage with a video background (Crazy Ones) - New/Updated Feature

Updated the Controller Roster on the Controller Dashboard. Links to Controller Profile, instead of the Controller Connection Page - New Feature


Bug Fixes:

Fixed a Bug causing the site to operate slowly.


Removed the Homepage video background (CLT Live) New Video Coming Soon

Updated the Quote Wall on the Controller Dashboard to show more quotes by default.

Updated the Quote Wall on the Controller Dashboard to show Most Recent Quotes, by default

Updated the Controller Dashboard - New Layout v1.5

Updated the Controller Profile page. Your Hours section from Dashboard relocated, CID now displayed, various updates


Bug Fixes:

Fixed a Bug causing the chat to display incorrectly

Removed the NOTAM Chat, continued Zoho Chat Bug


Updated the Homepage with a video background (CLT Live) New Feature

Updated the Quote Wall on the Controller Dashboard to show Highest Rated Quotes, by default

Updated the Controller Dashboard - New Layout

3.1.13 - Updates to 3.1.x


Updated the Calendar to notate that all times are in US Eastern Time

Updated the Monitoring Session report to include a drop-down for the position, rather than a free-form text field

Added 2015 to the Controlling Hours Chart on the Controller Dashboard

Decreased signup time limiter for Events from 24 hours to 6 hours. Event Signups will now will taken up to 6 hours prior to the event

3.1.12 - Updates to 3.1.x

Bug Fixes:

Fixed the award banner for 4,000+ ATC Hours on the About Page


Updated the Staff Pages w/ New Staff Members

Updated the Awards Banners w/ 2 new Iron Mic Banners from Week 1 & Week 4 2017

3.1.11 - Updates to 3.1.x

Bug Fixes:

Fixed Bug where "Ask the Training Department" link on the left Sidebar would protrude into the main section of the page, on Controller Dashboard pages.

Fixed a Bug causing the Get Started Here link on the homepage to fail.


Updated the Staff Pages w/ New Staff Members.

3.1.10 - Updates to 3.1.x

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug causing the left sidebar to not display correctly on some devices

Fixed an issue causing the Certification Panel to display and function incorrectly

Fixed an issue with the Training Downloads area links displaying a 404, not found

Fixed an issue on the Instructor Roster causing the Training Administrator not to display


NEW Training Dashboard Page, featuring Ask the Training Department, News, Info, & Training Videos

NEW Ask the Training Department link on the Controller Dashboard

UPDATED Event Signup cutoff is now 24 hours, increased from the previous configuration of 4 hour cutoff

NEW VATUSA ULS/VATSIM SSO Auto-Switch Functionality. When VATUSA ULS experiences issues, the website login will revert to VATSIM SSO login

UPDATED Training Report Administration page to show all reports approved & denied for next 30 days

3.1.09 - Updates to 3.1.x

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug causing a 404 when a Temporary Solo Cert is clicked on the Controlling Roster on the Dashboard

Fixed a bug causing only the current month of the year to be the last month displayed on the controller stats chart on the dashboard and profile pages


Added Controllers by VATSIM Rating Chart on the Training Area Dashboard for Instructors & Mentors

Added Total Hours by Rating Chart on Member Profile

Added Total Hours by Position Chart on Member Profile

Moodle Upgraded to 3.1.2

Poodll (Moodle Recording Plugin) Upgraded to 3.0

3.1.08 - Updates to 3.1.x

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug with the Left Sidebar on the Controller Dashboard for desktop users

Mobile users may still experience slight issues with Controller Dashboard sidebars


Added Statistics graph to User Profiles

Added Training Staff to Controller Dashboard version of the Roster

Added Chief Mentor functionality

Updated Quote Wall to show 4 Quotes per page

NEW This is NOT the FAA / Simulation Use Only - Popup on the Homepage

BETA Donut Chart on Training Area for Instructors & Mentors displaying number of members by VATSIM rating

3.1.07 - Performance & Charts

Bug Fixes:

Fixed Bug where Right Sidebar wouldn't open or Right Sidebar items wouldn't open or close on the Private Message & Inbox Pages


MAJOR Performance Enhancements to the Controller Dashboard & Member Pages

UPDATED the Controller Dashboard with an Overall ARTCC Controlling Hours Graph that compares the overall ARTCC activity to the previous year

NOTE: Statistics are not available from Jan & Feb 2015.

ADDED Overall ARTCC Controlling Hours Graph to Dashboard Controller Statistics Page

UPDATED The Quote Wall to include the Post Quote section at the bottom and to load the latest quotes first

ADDED Information Systems Options to Left Sidebar (Information Systems Department Only)

REORGANIZED Content on the Controller Dashboard. The Event Calendar and Feedback Sections have switched places - HotFix

Bug Fixes:

No Bugs this time around :) :)


Relocated Controlling Roster link on Left Sidebar, out from the Member Services, to it's own link

UPDATED Member Services from User Group Icon to Tools Icon

UPDATED Controlling Roster link to add User Group Icon

3.1.06 - Controller Dashboard Left Sidebar Update

Bug Fixes:

No Bugs this time around :)


UPDATED/ENHANCED: LEFT SIDEBAR on Controller Dashboard, which includes the following enhancements:

NEW/UPDATED Member Services section which has been relocated and now includes the Controlling Roster

CONTROLLING ROSTER Moved to Member Services

UPDATED Training & Staff Member Dashboard link locations on the Left Sidebar

Updated Controller Statistics & Iron Mic under NEW Stats Center Controller Dashboard drop down link

Updated DATIS location. DATIS Request is now located under the IDS Panel on the Controller Dashboard

Updated METAR & TAF Lookup. METAR & TAF Lookup is now a dropdown selection that allows for the ICAO identifier input for field specific METAR & TAF lookup

Updated The Atlanta Center Software link on the Controller Dashboard. The link is now a single link, rather than a drop down list

Repositioned Member Services, Atlanta Center Software, and various other links

Added Flight Sim Central, VATNA, & VATSTATS to the Links Section


Bug Fixes:

Fixed a Bug causing more than 1 of the same event to display w/o reason on the homepage

Fixed a Bug causing the yellow & red statistics markers to show up on the quarterly view in the dashboard statistics panel


NEW Weekly Poll on the Controller Dashboard. Polls will change ~weekly.

NEW Quote Wall for controllers to post the best ATC/Pilot Quotes on the Controller Dashboard.

Added "Last 30 Days" Option to statics pull down on Controller Dashboard

Modified the Event Banners displayed on the Home Page to include the Next Event, Next Atlanta Center Event, & Upcoming Event (Random)

Added Welcome to Atlanta Center Text on Homepage

Updated the disclaimer "Simulation Use Only" on the Homepage as well as the Footer across all pages

NEW Controlling Hours Award Banners (1,000+ Hour Awards) on the About Page are now dynamic and automatically update with the roster and member hours

ENHANCED Statistics Dashboard page to show Controllers who haven't controlled in the last 30 days


Bug Fixes:

Fixed a Bug causing the Mentor table on the About page to display in an improper order


Added a Previous Awards Section to the bottom of the Iron Mic Tracker page

NEW Atlanta Center Administrative Policies Released (7230.10E)

UPDATED Events System to automatically move Previous Events into the Previous Events category

NEW TeamSpeak Bot for Atlanta Center. Monitors and moves users who are marked away, speakers muted, or idle for specified periods of time

UPDATED The Atlanta Center Support system. The Support System now includes automatic assignment of all support based tickets.

NEW Atlanta Center Support System & Project Management Tool integration. Bugs are now tracked from within our Support System as well as our Project System.

NEW Member Support Section on the Left Sidebar! Email Staff & Training Department Members, Request TeamSpeak Privileges, & Request Website Enhancements

UPDATED vRC, vSTARS Installers are now updated to AIRAC 1608 for (available for Member Controllers only)

NEW vERAM is now Available for Atlanta Center Enroute Controllers (available for Member Controllers only)

3.1.03 - Bug Fixes & Updates to 3.1

Bug Fixes:

Fixed Bug causing more than one of the same event to display on the home page under the calendar

Fixed Bug preventing some events from populating date & times, and thus preventing signup, on the Beta Event Calendar

Fixed Bug where vZTL was showing instead of Atlanta Center on the homepage Top Controllers section

Fixed Bug where Twitter, Facebook, & YouTube links weren't showing on some Dashboard Pages

Fixed Bug where Up (^) Arrow would sometimes appear on left sidebar menu links when closed

Fixed a Bug causing only 4 Members to show up in the Top 5 of the Year Section on the Dashboard

Fixed a Bug causing the Radar Panel to display the Loop Images as an embedded frame, rather than the image loop itself

Moved the Disclaimer and Not for Real World Use section to the site itself just below the homepage banner

Added Not for Real World Use banner and VATSIM logo to bottom of every main site page


Removed the Description (which often matches the title) of Events on the homepage

Enlarged the Icons for VATSIM Ratings on the Roster, Controllers Online Now, & Top Controllers Sections

UPDATED Member Directory Link. Member Directory is now under Member Services along with My Profile, My Account, & Message Inbox

UPDATED When viewing your profile, several links will appear with access to edit and view your account

ADDED Application Date & Conditional Approval Dates to the Visitor Application Management System

UPDATED Weather Radar Panel on the Controller Dashboard. All the Radar Widgets are now FULLY Responsive

3.1.02 - TeamSpeak Updates

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a Bug where Mentors could not Ban disruptive users.

NOTE: ANYTIME a Ban is issued on The Atlanta Center TeamSpeak Server an email must be sent with details of the ban to staff(at)

Failure to send said email, will result in loss of TeamSpeak privileges.


Unregistered Guests are now restricted to the Welcome to Atlanta Channel. Guests may be moved to Public or Private Channels by those with authority

Mentors & Instructors now have full use of Available to Monitor & Not Available to Monitor. This will be set to NOT Available to Monitor by default

TeamSpeak Server Groups updated


Bug Fixes:

Fixed Bug preventing home page buttons from displaying correctly on mobile devices

Fixed Bug preventing Controllers Sign up Here & Controllers Attending from displaying on Event Modals

Fixed a Bug where DATM Dashboard link would change to ATM Dashboard link when on the Controller Incident Management Page

Fixed a Bug where the Instructor & Mentor Dashboard links would change to the TA Dashboard link when on the Controller Incident Report Page

Fixed a Bug causing the DATIS not to display correctly

Fixed a Bug causing the Lookup Training Ticket button on the Training Panel to display as Beta

Fixed a Bug causing the Book Training Session link not to appear for S1 Controllers

Fixed a Bug causing the Event Signup Page to sometimes display a 404 error


Added a grey background to disclaimer text on Full-Size & Mobile versions of the home page

Added a Getting Started link in the place of the Book Training Session link for Observers

NEW Added Member Directory to Left Hand Sidebar

Added the recent Iron Mic award to the Awards section on the About Page



Bug Fixes:

Fixed Bug allowing users to Change their Atlanta Center Email Address.

(User Email address is validated on each login through VATSIM, and therefore only changeable through VATSIM.)

Enhancements & New Features:

RELEASED Training Ticket Lookup System for Instructors & Mentors

RELEASED Certification Panel for Executive Staff & Instructors

NEW 3.1 AJAAY Home-Page Background Image & Button Colors

BETA Event Signup System

UPDATED Left Sidebar updated for Event Signup System. Includes Submenu for Calendar & Event Signup

NEW Event Dashboard for Event Coordinator & Event Specialist Positions

UPDATED OSTicket System to include the ticket subject in the email subject line for new ticket notifications to staff

UPGRADED OSTicket System to latest version

UPGRADED Moodle System to latest version

UPGRADED Concrete5 CMS System to latest version

NEW Moodle Training System Theme and Navigation Style which closely matches The Atlanta Center Style

NEW Right Sidebar can now be selected to be Open or Closed by default on Dashboard Load (Note: Only applies on "Controller Dashboard" main page)

NEW Left Sidebar can now be selected to be Open or Closed by default on Dashboard Load (Note: Applies across all "Dashboard Type" Pages)

NEW Member Directory, User Profile, & Private Message System (v1.0)

NEW DATIS Lookup Process on Left Sidebar

System Process Changes:

Mentors no longer have OSTicket Access. Training Tickets can be viewed through the Training Ticket Lookup System on the Dashboard.

Observers no longer have Book Training Session link on the Top Navigation Bar in The Controller Dashboard. Training Sessions, shall be booked through Moodle for all Observers.

3.09.5 - Preparation Release #5

Bug Fixes:

Fixed the incorrect Facebook Page links on the Home, About, Pilot, Document Library, Forums, & Contact Pages.

Fix the incorrect Facebook Page Stream showing on the Pilot Page.


Added the Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube Channel links as Icons at the bottom of every Dashboard Page.

Added Next Atlanta Center Event Banner and Forum Post link to the Pilot Page.

Increased the Latest News list to 3 posts, from 2, on the Pilot Page.

Added a Horizontal Line Divider to the Pilot Page, between the Facebook Stream & News Entries.

BETA Certification Panel (Instructor & Executive Staff Access Only)

Added Certification Panel Link to ATM, DATM, TA, & Instructor Dashboards

Added Certification Panel Link to Training Area Page (Instructor Staff Block)

BETA Training Ticket Lookup System (Instructor & Mentor Access Only)

Added Training Ticket Lookup link to Instructor & Mentor Dashboards

Added Training Ticket Lookup Link to Training Area Page

NOTE: During Beta these products may not function as desired. If you encounter any issues please notify the Information Systems Department via email to website(at)

3.09.4 - Preparation Release #4

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug where the Controllers Online now weren't aligned properly.

Fixed a bug where inactive members would occasionally show up on the roster as an active controller.

Fixed a bug where inactive members would occasionally show the text "No Code available for this controller. Contact an Administrator" above the roster.


NEW Controller Status now drives login destination.

NEW Visiting Controller Conditional Approval System.

3.09.3 - Preparation Release #3

Bug Fixes:

Information Systems Sidebar not highlighting when visiting page, fixed.

Website Cookie & Session length extended to match VATSIM at 14 days.


Relocated the IDS Weather Panel on Left Sidebar to it's own entry on the main tree.

Changed the Controller Dashboard link to a solid link rather than a drop down followed by a link.

Controller Dashboard link now shows "Return to Dashboard" at the top of the list when not on the Dashboard.

The Homepage Section of the website has been renamed Main Site on the Left Sidebar in the Controller Dashboard section of the site.

3.09.2 - Preparation Release #2

Bug Fixes:

Fixed member Replies to Forum Posts where CID would display instead of the member name. Now the CID & Member Name Show

Fixed Profile Page template issues, showing 3.05 version Dashboard


Stylized the main Account Page in the Controller Dashboard "Dashboard" Template

Stylized the Edit Profile Page in the Controller Dashboard "Dashboard" Template

Stylized the User Avatar Page in the Controller Dashboard "Dashboard" Template

Stylized and Enable the Private Messaging User Interface in the Controller Dashboard. Stylized with "Dashboard" Template

Stylized the View all Feedback Page in the Controller Dashboard "Dashboard" Template

3.09.1 - Preparation Release #1

Bug Fixes:

Corrected issue where some events were opening the forum post or a vatusa forum post when clicking on the event on the calendar


Updated Icons on the Roster to Circle w/ Reflections for Each Category

Reduced Latest News on Controller Dashboard to 2 Pieces of News

Added NEXT ATLANTA CENTER EVENT Section between news and NEXT EVENT sections on Controller Dashboard

Enlarged Weather (WX) RADAR displays on The Weather Radar Panel


Bug Fixes:

Fixed Bug causing Virtual Airline Partners not to display on About & Pilot Pages

Decreased the number of News posts on Pilot Page to 2 from 10.

Removed deprecated Social Media icons from Pilot Page

Fixed Collapsing Issue on Right Sidebar with Forum Posts & Facebook Sections.


Recent News listing on pilot page now shows pagination interface

Added Got Charts? label to Charts section on Pilot Page

Reorganized Pilot Center for Optimal Use

Added TeamSpeak Viewer to Right Sidebar. See who's on TeamSpeak right from the website!

Temporary Fixes:

Link for the 7230.10 D shows alert explaining why said policy isn't currently available


Bug Fixes:

Duplicate Your Controlling Hours widget removed from the left sidebar

Removed Pilot Hours from CONTROLLING Dashboard

Corrected the pagination interface on the homepage for news and forums


Event Calendar description changed from plain text to HTML

Get Charts on Left Side Bar moved into the Menu List & Widget removed

Pilot Hours can now be seen from user profile

Upcoming Events banner display shortened to Next Event only

Latest News Posts (3 Most Recent) Added under Next Event Listing

Temporary Additions:

Survey added to determine Left Sidebar Open or Closed

Survey added to inquire on controller availbility for July 1st


Bug Fixes:

Corrected the New Tab Popup for Booking a Training/Monitoring Session.

Book Training Session Now displays as a Modal Overlay


Added Mouse-Over Tooltips to all buttons on the Dashboard

Added the Event Calendar (Calendar Display) to the Events Forum

Controller Dashboard Interation 3, Layout Refined. Events & Feedback Swapped places. Events list shorted to 3 from 5.

Event Calendar Dashboard Page Added. Link in Left Sidebar. Page includes Full Width Calendar of Events.

3.06.1 - HotFix

Bug Fixes:

Fixed Bug requiring users to enter their name each time when loading the Dashboard.


Relocated the pop-out chat button to the left sidebar.


Bug Fixes:

Fixed Top 5 Controller Sections Showing Inaccurate Ratings

Fixed Controller Statistics Page Controllers no longer members showing

Fixed Controller Statistics Page showing inaccurate ratings


Replaced Text version of Rating on Top 5 Controller Widgets & Controller Statistics

Changed the background color of the Top 5 Widgets from Red to Light Blue/Grey for Visibility

Updated & Refined the Controller Dashboard layout

Vataware Flight Map, Flight Board, & Iron Mic Tracker moved to new pages


Bug Fixes, Forum Updates

Forums showing Name of User who posted rather than CID

Removed "Total Discussions" from Forum List Block

Added "Date Posted:" to the date portion of the Forum List Block

Upgrade to Concrete5

Added Member Chat/Shout out Box to Right Sidebar on Dashboard

Added TeamSpeak Connect Link to Dashboard


Bug Fixes, Statistics Panel Updates

Facebook added to Home, About, Pilots, & Dashboard (right sidebar)


Bug Fixes, Add Surveys, Add Button Pop-out IDS Panel

Add Button(s) for PDF versions of Documents on Dashboard Document Library


Bug Fixes, Roster Fixes, Forum Fixes


Bug Fixes, Add Email Link to Topbar

3.0 - Initial Website Release