Mission Statement

The mission of The Atlanta Center ARTCC is to provide excellent air traffic services on the VATSIM.net network with the utmost professionalism and quality our members can provide.

To support this mission, The Atlanta Center ARTCC strives to: (1) provide as realistic a simulated air traffic control environment as reasonably possible, according to the FAA 7110.65, in a simulated environment; (2) Promote the experience of true Air Traffic Control, while maintaining the ideals from point one (1); (3) Provide courteous, professional, and respectful service to all pilots at all times, while refraining from scolding &/or calling for disciplinary action, except in cases of egregious violations/deviations; (4) Maintain a roster of professional, highly-motivated, and well-trained controllers; and (5) provide a supportive, highly encouraging, and beneficially educational environment for training student and certified controllers.

Atlanta Center Controller Roster

Fully Certified Not Certified Training Facilities Certification Temporary Solo Cert Leave of Absence (Controller)

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Controller InformationMinorATLA80ZTL
Patrick Donovan 1327883 I1
Hargroves Christopher 868945 C3
Mena Valdivia Alonso 1025416 C3
Milford Terry 817400 C3
Morris Gary 1090995 C3
Najaro Wyatt 839595 C3
Anderson William 1210226 C1
Campbell Matthew 1313538 C1
Croft John 1157478 C1
Gaupin Luc 1199661 C1
Harlin Jimmy 1169529 C1
Kakert Lucas 1164695 C1
Lewis William 957392 C1
Martin Clemens 931185 C1
Bounds Robert 1012326 S3
Thomas Michael 1090147 S3
Yarid Zachary 1284793 S3
Bruck Meg 1371395 S2
Davidson Joshua 1340514 S2
Evans Taylor 1201819 S2
Garner Neil 1288759 S2
Iannuzzi Alexander 1332866 S2
Lisun Phillip 1341109 S2
Simpson Aaron 1307591 S2
Thompson Leighton 1340421 S2
Tumminia Christopher 949359 S2
Bastian Markell 1312093 S1
Cowan Ian 1364926 S1
Critcher Joseph 1302037 S1
Cropper Ben 1317177 S1
Doux Logan 870771 S1
Hallam Christopher 1301170 S1
Jenkins Joshua 1372601 S1
John Jameil 1293884 S1
Powell Garrett 1231604 S1
Steinman Cliff 1208753 S1
Benner Michael 1377244 OBS
Biles Matt 1377167 OBS
Bucher Evan 1282395 OBS
Caldwell Nicolas 1273397 OBS
Colvin Tyler 1341972 OBS
Edwards Anthony 1337944 OBS
Gascon Noah 1364511 OBS
Hancock Richard 1375475 OBS
Himes Gabriel 1341943 OBS
Skelley Nicholas 1378334 OBS
Smith Tom 1378300 OBS
Tillson Kyle 1380856 OBS
Vandenberg Kevin 1377012 OBS

Atlanta CenterVisiting Controllers

Controller InformationMinorATLA80ZTL
Navarro Federico 1013441 ADM
Bright Chris 1173559 SUP
Desfosse Don 1035677 SUP
Ellis Johnathan 1250874 SUP
Burr Josh 1207599 I3
Hajian Krikor 1283146 I3
Sterling Andrew 1281171 I3
Freeman Mike 934876 I1
Kruse Jakob 1309208 I1
MacRae Byron 811302 I1
Bromback Matt 816206 C3
Geckler Ryan 1104849 C3
Hulse Adam 858981 C3
Olmstead Christopher 1182002 C1
Perkins Kamren 1318866 C1
Semeran Paul 1317688 C1
Rochelle Jeremy 1311273 S3
Watkins Nicholas 1259602 S3
Kapadia Dhagash 1299471 S2
Bermingham Ben 1294879 S1
Perry Marc 1357029 S1
Troy Derek 1308953 S1



The Training Staff are here to provide you any assistance you need as you progress through the ranks. Training staff are broken into two categories. Instructors are able to provide training or monitoring on any position and any rating at The Atlanta Center. They are responsible for issuing promotions, and overseeing their assigned areas of the training curriculum. Mentors are those who are not yet eligible to become full instructors, or do not wish to become full instructors but who wish to provide assistance to the training department and The Atlanta Center controllers. Mentors are capable of being certified to monitor and train on any position but they must be certified prior to providing training in each area. All Atlanta Center Instructors are required to progress through the ranks of the mentorship program prior to becoming an instructor.

The following members are currently part of The Atlanta Center Training Staff


Atlanta Center Feedback

Controller Name

Dhagash Kapadia

Controller Position



Amazing ATC despite heavy traffic. The Tower Controller was very fast at giving takeoffs and landing clearances despite many arrivals and departures. Overall very good!

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Luc Gaupin
Jimmy Harlin
Clemens Martin
Christopher Hargroves
Michael Thomas

William Lewis

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